Good infant care is neither baby-sitting nor preschool. It is a special kind of care that resembles no other.

-Program for Infants and Toddlers


Since 1978, our San Francisco state-licensed children center has been a “Home Away from Home” for infants from 2 weeks to 3 years old. We are a team of bilingual (Mandarin/English), dedicated, and positive role models who provide a safe and caring environment that promotes self-expression and social development. Through enriching and physical activities, we recognize each child and their families’ individuality. We inspire, through play, a lifelong love of learning!


We believe that children need to first develop trusting relationships with our care team. Our care team will observe and design our environment to further help the children explore and interact with their peers through play based experiences. Through careful observation, our care team develops opportunities to help the children grow socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Our primary goal is to develop a well rounded program to meet individual needs and help each child feel great about themselves.


We understand that being a new parent can be very nervous and exciting at the same time. Our environment is very comfortable and parents are always welcome to drop in, nurse infants, or call us anytime. At Angela’s, we love to hear feedback, hear what’s on your mind, and introduce you to your child’s playmates. Our programs are a collaborative effort and individualized based on our observations and your feedback. Our care team will coordinate activities with attention to each child’s social emotional, cognitive, and physical development.

Group 1: Infants 
(newborn – 14 months)

Our infant environment welcomes our little ones to explore their surroundings. Each baby is assigned a primary caregiver with whom they form close and trusting and relationships through daily care.

Group 2: Toddlers
(1.5 – 2.5 yrs old)

Our toddler group offers an array of activity areas to encourage interaction with peers and opportunities for sensory play. We maintain a predictable schedule to help children embrace their growing independence.

Music Together
1-2 times a week

Jamaroo music comes twice a week for music and movement with our children. Our nursery has a 30 minute music sessions each week and our older children have options for two 30 minute music sessions each week.

Date Nights
3rd Wednesday of the month

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month we have an extended care “Date Night” to give parents at Angela’s Children Center some personal time. Date nights are until 8:30pm and parents reserve in advance.

Enrollment Process

Due to limited space and to minimize disruptions to the classrooms, we only conduct tours as openings become available. Applications will be reviewed and enrollment prioritized based on a combination of factors including: age, start date, siblings, gender, and for families that live/work in the neighborhood. Below is an overview of the enrollment process.
  • 1) Submit an application.

    Interested families may submit completed applications with a non-refundable check for $40 (payable to Angela’s Children Center). Applications are reviewed throughout the year when there are openings, with a majority of our applications reviewed during the 2nd quarter each year. Families will be notified when the application has been received.
  • 2) Tour our Facility. 

    When a space is available, we will contact parents for a tour. Tours are generally about 40 minutes and parents are welcome to contact us for an update after you’ve submitted an application. After the tour, parents  will have a few days to confirm whether they will accept the spot.
  • 3) Intake Meeting. 

    To confirm the spot for your child, you will need to schedule a time to review the parent agreement and leave a nonrefundable payment to confirm a space for your child. The meeting will be about 1 hour and parents are welcome to bring their child. To schedule this meeting, parents should reference the information sheet from the tour. 

“When allowed to unfold in their own way and time, children discover and inspire the best in themselves”  Magda Gerber